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Health Survey

Take this Health Survey and submit the results to Dr. Jim.
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Part 1 - Pain & Toxicity Assessment Test
Use the drop down selection to answer Yes or No

If the total number of symptoms is 4 or greater, it might be due to toxic overload and you need a metabolic detox for pain inflammation and fatigue.
 Do you feel tied or fatigued?
 Do you experience early morning stiffness?
 Do you feel stiff after periods of rest?
 Do you feel dizzy, foggy-headed or have trouble concentrating?
 Do you experience cracking joints?
 Do you experience frequent back pain or headaches?
 Do you eat fast, fatty, processed or fried foods?
 Do you experience generalized aches and pains in the body?
 Do you use coffee, cigarettes, candy or soda to get energy?
 Are you sleepy in the afternoon?
 Do you bruise easily?
 Do you recover slowly from moderate exercise?
 Do you have food allergies, or are often exposed to chemicals,
 sedatives or stimulants?
 Do you take pain relievers to get rid of aches and pains?
 Do you have a family history of arthritis or auto-immune disorders?
 Total number of symptoms
Part 2 - Bio-Inflammation Symptoms Questionaire
Rate each of the following symptoms based upon your typical health profile:

Point Scale:
0 - Never or almost never have the symptoms
1 - Occassionally has it, effect is not severe
2 - Occassionally has it, effect is severe
3 - Frequently has it, effect is not severe
4 - Frequently has it, effect is severe

If any individual section total is 10 or more, or the Grand total is 50 or more, you may benefit from a detoxification program.
1. Digestive
 Nausea or Vomiting
 Bloated Feeling
 Belching, passing gas
2. Emotions
 Mood swings
 Anxiety, fear or nervousness
 Anger, irritability
3. Eyes
 Watery, itchy eyes
 Swollen, reddened or sticky eyelids
 Dark circles under eyes
 Blurred/tunnel vision
4. Lungs
 Chest Congestion
 Asthma, bronchitis
 Shortness of breath
 Difficulty breathing
5. Ears
 Itchy ears
 Earaches, ear infection
 Drainage from ear
 Ring in ears, hearing loss
6. Energy/Activity
 Fatigue, sluggishness
 Apathy, sluggishness
7. Head
8. Mind
 Poor memory
 Poor concentration
 Poor coordination
 Difficulty making decisions
 Stuttering, stammering
 Slurred speech
 Learning disabilities
9. Mouth/Throat
 Chronic coughing
 Gagging, need to clear throat
 Sore throat, hoarse
 Swollen or discolored tongue, gums or lips
 Canker sores
10. Skin
 Hives, rashes or dry skin
 Hair loss
 Flushing or hot flashes
 Excessive sweating
11. Joint/Muscles
 Pain or aches in joints
 Stiff, limited movement
 Pain, aches in muscles
 Weakness or tiredness
12. Nose
 Stuffy nose
 Sinus problems
 Hay fever
 Sneezing attacks
 Excessive mucus
13. Heart
 Skipped heartbeats
 Rapid heartbeats
 Chest pain
14. Weight
 Binge eating/drinking
 Craving certain foods
 Excessive weight gain
 Compulsive eating
 Water retention
15. Other
 Frequent illness
 Frequent/urgent urination
 Genital itch, discharge
  Grand Total Bio-Inflammation
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