Dr. Jim Baughman Chiropractic Clinic and Nutritional Services Dr. Jim Baughman Chiropractic Clinic and Nutritional Services
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As a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and a Diplomate with The American Chiropractic
Board of Nutrition, I am considered a Nutritional Health Care expert, practicing
functional medicine.

Services offered:

+ Spinal Care for pain

+ Hair Mineral Analysis
   To determine your body’s mineral status

+ Oxidative Stress Test
   To determine if your antioxidants are working for
   you and if you are taking the right vitamins in the right amounts

+ Food Allergy Testing
   To determine if there are foods that should be avoided because of the
   body pains certain foods can cause

+ Cardiac Risk Profile
   Looks at TEN factors to determine if there is an elevated risk level.
   Most labs only check three.

+ Parasitology
   To determine if bacteria, yeast or fungi are present, causing digestive problems

+ Liver Detoxification Profile
   To determine if your liver can keep up with the amount of toxins you breathe,
   eat or become exposed to every day.

+ Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
   To determine where along your digestive tract you may be having
   trouble – too little gastric juice or a decrease in your immune system

+ Antioxidant Scans
   To determine your level of functional antioxidants using the laser scanner

Many more have been helped with irritable bowel syndrome, migraines,
hormone balance, irregular periods, elevated PSA, ADD/ADHD, Arthritis, fatigue,
food allergies, etc.

Baughman Chiropractic Clinic and Nutritional Services
938 St. Clair Way, Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601
724.836.5408 + Email: askingdrjim@gmail.com